Returns Policy

At Post Art we realise it's not in anyones' interest to have cards sitting on a stand and not selling. In our minds, nothing looks worse than a stand with old, tired-looking cards on it.

We are committed to keeping things fresh and to having as many 'top-selling' cards as possible on our stands.

If you're not selling, we're not selling!

So, if you would like to remove and return slow sellers for credit, here's what to do:

  1. Note the serial numbers of the cards you wish to credit, along with a count of each one.
  2. Email this list to us at the time you place a new order.
  3. We will prepare a credit note.
  4. You can then place an order (online, by email or by phone).
  5. If you are returning less than 25 cards of any one title, you may order a minimum of 25 new cards of one title to replace it
  6. If you are returning more than 25 cards of any one title, you must order a minimum of 50 new cards of one title to replace it
  7. We will send you the order along with the invoice and credit note.

Please note:

In general we will not issue a credit note for more than the total value of an order for replacement stock placed at the same time.

Cards must be returned undamaged and well-packaged and by courier to:

Post Art (2017) Limited
137 Ashgrove Terrace
Somerfield, 8024

0800 746 866

With the words "Cards for Credit" written clearly on the package.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Rob (Chief of Everything) and Sue (Chief of Everything Else)